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The 300 dollar data recovery myth


You will pay less with us than that 300 Dollar Data Recovery Place


How is that possible?


Just work through the numbers.....

First thing you will notice when you go to the $300 place is they do not recover crashed drives. Call them up and tell them you dropped your 3TB drive and it is clicking and see what they say. They will basically tell you to get lost.

If your drive is not clicking or making other funny noises our prices are between $200 and $400
(for 80% of the cases we receive).

They charge $300 for jobs we charge $200 for.
They charge $300 for jobs we charge $400 for but our average is $300.

Now look at their fine print.
They have many extra charges....

$300 vs. Data Recover NJ
  Data Recovery NJ $300 Recovery
Hard Drives over 2TB $0 $100.00
Hard Drive with USB PCBs $0 $100.00
Hard Drive with Smartware $0 $100.00
Hard Drive Removal Rates $0 $75.00
Non Standard Connector $0 $100.00
Hard Drive Cover Opened Rate $0 $50
Storage Fees $0 $10/week
Return Shipping $12.00 $10-$20
RAID Data Recovery Rates 2 Drive $500 $600
Return Media and File Transfer    
500GB $80.00 $89.99
750GB $90.00 $109.99
1TB $100.00 $119.99
2TB $120.00 $129.99
3TB $130.00 $149.99
4TB $150.00 $189.99

So using their Rate Calculator on their site they say it will be $600 if:

My drive is larger than 2TB.
My drive is a Western Digital portable external hard drive with a single USB port.
My drive is a Western Digital external hard drive with "Smartware."

Lets add their $75 removal fee and $50 cover open fee

Now add their $129.99 transfer fee and $20 shipping fee their grand total will be: $874.99

Our fee for the same job would be:

$400 Recovery
$120 Return Media
$12 Shipping
$532 Total

So we are $342.99 less than they are.

Even more important is if your drive were to crash in the middle of their recovery you will only get half your data because they do not know how to fix crashed hard drives.

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