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I did not plan on opening a data recovery company but somehow it just happened.
Back in 2005 I started my own Engineering Consultant company.
I am a NJIT engineering graduate and have always been good at fixing electronic equipment. I created my own web page but received very few engineering jobs. Then one day a friend brought me a dead hard drive. It was for one of his friends. She was crying because it contained all her pictures. She called several data recovery companies and they all wanted over $1,000 to fix it. After looking at the drive I quickly realized it simply had a burnt fuse. I replaced the fuse and copied out all her data. She was extremely happy. I did not want any money but she insisted and gave me $50 for my time. A few days later I get a call from one of her friends with a similar problem. I recovered it and I received another call. A few local computer shops found out about me and started sending me hard drives. Soon I was making more money than with my engineering consultant firm. I got so busy that I had to hire someone to do the paperwork so I could spend more of my time recovering hard drives. I then rented some office space because the traffic on my street got so busy that the neighbors started to complain. I then hired another engineer because I could not handle all the hard drives I was getting in.

The more I got into it the more I realized that most of the places that pop up on the internet when you search for "Data Recovery" are rip-off places charging outrageous prices for very little work. Many places are just drop ship places. They are middle men who receive your drive and send it to real data recovery places. In most cases they double the price they are charged and keep the difference.

Eight years ago I thought for sure these rip-off places would not last long but they are still around. The main reason is that people that lose all their data due a hard drive crash only do it once in their life. After that experience they learn to back up so the rip-off places thrive on one time customers. Rarely is never any repeat business. So all they have to do is buy an expensive website and spend hundreds of dollars a day on advertising.

I was taught from a very young age that you work for your money.
You work so many hours for a person, you charge that person for the time you spend.
When I see someone in desperation I do not see it as an opportunity to make lots of money. I charge everyone a fair price.

In the 8 years I have been doing data recovery I have never charged a customer over $1,000 for a single hard drive failure for standard service. There are many data recovery places that never charge under $1,000.

I have recovered hard drives that some of the top data recovery companies said were "unrecoverable". It is not that they were really "unrecoverable" it is just that the time involved with the recovery greatly exceeded their estimate so they return the drive to the customer and say it is "unrecoverable". Sometimes a hard drive recovery can turn into a black hole of time and money and end up with poor results. Much like a terminally ill patient. If you put 100 doctors on it and had an infinite amount of money and resources the patient may have a chance.

The large data recovery companies tend to pay more attention to hard drives from other large companies because they pay lots of money. If your job is taking a lot of time and you are not paying that much, there is a good chance they will pull the plug on your job and tell you it is "unrecoverable" when it is not.

There are many good data recovery companies out there and there are many scam data recovery places. The good places have Engineers who work much like Doctors. We all work together and share information. Much like a heart surgeon. If one heart surgeon discovers a new procedure that works somewhat better all the other heart surgeons find out about it. Data recovery is so complex that no single person or company out there that can know everything about every drive.

There are also many rip-off data recovery companies out there. They are not really companies. They are individuals pretending to be a large company. They spend thousands of dollars on a fancy web site and advertising which makes them look like a big data recovery company. They are basically just middlemen who trick you into sending them your drive. Once they have your drive they try their best to suck as much money out of you as they can. They know you are desperate and willing to pay anything to get your data back and they take full advantage of that opportunity.

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Over the years I have see lots of outrageous rip off scams.

One common scam is they fix simple problems like a burnt fuse and copy all your data to their server.
They then send you a directory listing and a $2,000 recovery estimate.
If you refuse the recovery they sabotage your drive and return it to you.
You send it to other recovery companies and they can't recover it.
You go back to the first company, pay them $2,000 and they recover 100%.
They tell you that they are the best company because they can recover data where others can't.

Another scam is they tell you that they can recover any drive.
If it was run over by a train or in salt water for a month they can do it.
The trick is they ask for large evaluation fees (Sometimes $500 or more).
They just live on evaluation fees and rarely recover data.

There are also many incompetent recovery places.
They run recovery software on your drive until it crashes.
You receive back 5% of your data and a crashed hard drive that will not read again.

how to Avoid Scam Hard Drive Recovery Services (Click Here):

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We have successfully replaced heads on thousands of crashed hard drives.
This is only about one years worth of head replacement. Crashed Hard Drive Heads


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