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There are only three data recovery places in new jersey that do LEVEL I, LEVEL II AND LEVEL III recovery work on location. we are one of them. MOST OTHER PLACES are resellers that ship your drive out of state or out of country.


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Different Types of Hard Drive Failures:

There are three things that will prevent you from accessing the data on your drive.
1. Data Corruption.
2. Electrical Hardware Failure.
3. Mechanical Hardware Failure.

Data Corruption

Your data is stored by magnetizing tiny bits of magnetic material on the the disk surface. A magnetized bit represents a number "one". A non magnetized bit being a "zero". All of your data is written to the disk surface using these "ones" and "zeros" much like messages use to be sent via Morse code.

Note: a zero is actually a gap. A place where there is no one.

A data corruption is a failure that causes any number of the "ones" to become "zeros" or "zeros" to become "ones".

This can occur intentionally by a virus or unintentionally by software crashes, hardware glitches or the user using the wrong command (i.e. format, fdisk, delete etc.)

The cure for this problem is to have a trained professional manually restore the pattern of "ones" and "zeros" back to their original state.

We have had many cases when data recovery software has failed to find anything but when we manually went in and fixed the MFT (Master File Table) we were able to recover everything. Data Recovery Software is like a dumb machine that can fail where a human can do much better.

The thing that sets us apart from most of the other so called (software) "data recovery" places is that we never fix the bits on your original drive. We always make a "Mirror Copy" of you drive and work on the copy. It is quite simple, all data recovery software and Engineers can screw up. Specially if the person operating it does not know what they are doing. We have seen may cases where the so called data recovery firm has done more damage than the virus and there is no way to go back. Many of the drives we receive are from customers who have already been to these so called "data recovery" firms had catastrophic results.

Another very important difference, most of the other software data recovery places will not fix your drives "Service Area". This is the area on the hard drive that is used exclusively by your hard drive during it's boot process. The only way to access this area is through the use of special electrical hardware. If your service area is damaged your drive will not be recognized by the BIOS. If the BIOS does not see your drive it is like it is not plugged in.

We have over a hundred different data recovery tools to use on you hard drive. Some recovery tools we use retails for over $12,000. It can take days and in some cases weeks of continuous run time to recover a drive with many bad sectors. Anybody who says that they can do it faster is not giving you all of your files.

Most big data recovery companies fix the easiest drives to fix first.
If a drive is going to take longer than a predetermined amount of time, it is said to be "unrecoverable".

We have recovered data from many of these "unrecoverable" drives because we spend the extra time.

Electrical hardware Failure

Circuit Board
If you look at the above photograph you see a circuit board. This circuit board has hundreds of electrical components. The failure of any single one of these components will prevent you from accessing the data on your drive.

We have skilled Engineers who will debug and replace failed electrical components on your drive. This is what sets us apart from many of the other so called "data recovery" places. Ask your $99 place if they can debug a circuit board and replace surface mount chips.

Over half of the failures that prevent you from accessing data on your drive is due to hardware failures not data corruption. This means that a place that does only software recovery has less than a 50% chance of recovering your data.

Most "software only" data recovery places just take any drive they can get their hands on and run their $50 software. If nothing happens or they get some error that they don't understand they just return the drive in worse shape than it was when you gave it to them and tell you that it can't be recovered. If they are somewhat successful they charge you a few hundred bucks and tell you that is all of the data that anybody can get off the drive. Some places will even charge you even if they are not successful !!!

Mechanical hardware failure

Hard Drive Recovery

The black aluminum part in the picture above is a sealed enclosure which contains the platters (disks), the motor that spins the disk, The read/write heads, the heads preamplifier and the actuator arm that moves the heads back and forth. There are few electrical parts in this enclosure. It contains mainly mechanical parts. This sealed enclosure can not be opened unless you are in a special clean room. This is because the gap between the read/write head and the disk surface is so small that a single speck of dust on the disk surface looks like a bolder sitting on the highway to your car. The encounter could be catastrophic. There are only a few companies in the world who have a clean room and can properly repair drive internal component failures. Many charge a minimum of about $1,000 for this service. We have our own clean room here on site and we have never charged anybody over $1,000 for any single drive recovery with standard service.

A quick way to tell if your drive has an internal mechanical failure and needs a clean room is to listen if your drive is "clicking" (see: debug).

If you drive clicks and shuts down or makes funny noises that you never heard before you most likely had a hardware failure.

We do realize that quick recovery and privacy is important to you. Your drive will be given immediately to one of our Engineers. They will work on the drive until the recovery process is complete. Your drive will not leave their hands until it is returned directly to you. All recovery work is done at our location and is never sent someplace else.
Great care is taken to insure that no further damage is done to your drive.


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