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You can make thousands of dollars per month by becoming partners with us!

Here at Data Recovery NJ we do nothing but hard drive, flash drive or SSD recovery.
We do not fix computers, we do not sell computers.

Half of the jobs we get in are from Computer Repair shops like yours.
Both Apple and Windows.

Normally the Computer repair shop gives it their best shot.
If they can't recover their customers data they send it to us.

We do not want to take your deletion, virus or reformat jobs.
We only want the jobs that you can't do!

We will also refer the customer back to you when we are done so that you can reload the operating system and transfer back the files that we recovered

We offer referral and partner agreements.


Referral agreement

A referral is when you are unable to recover your customer's data. You simply fill out our referral form and give your customer's contact information to us. We deal with your customer directly. If we recover your customer's data we send you a check for 10% of your customer's recovery cost.


partner agreement

When you become a data recovery partner you handle all the customer interaction and payment. The good part about this is that you can charge your customer whatever you want. If we quote the job to be $200 to $300 you can tell your customer it will be $400 to $500 and keep the difference. What you do is fill out our Submit A Case form and send your customer's drive directly to us for a free estimate. Please fill out your name and address on the form since you will be dealing directly with us.

By becoming a Data Recovery partner you can add Data Recovery to your web page and even add your self to Google Maps as a Data Recovery company because now you can compete with the big companies.

Our prices are about half the price of the big companies for the same job which means you can underbid them and still make a good profit.

We recover some of the most difficult drives. We have recovered many drives that other companies have said were "unrecoverable".

We charge only $100/hour unlike the big companies that charge $500/hour.

We are also straight forward with our prices and list them here.

We do provide "No data no charge" service which means if we do not recover your customer's data there will be no charge (Unless we have to order special parts which we will get approval from you before we order).

If we get less than 90% of your customer's data we will work out a reduced price with you.

But if we do get more than 90% of your customer's data we do want to be paid the full amount.

The main thing that we ask from our partner is to question your customer carefully.
Unlike computer repair the need for data recovery could diminish with time.
When a Data Recovery customer first loses their data they are in a panic and are willing to pay anything. After a day or two they realize that it is not as bad as they thought. They find previous backups and realize that their friends and relatives have most of the data they lost.

If someone brings you a clicking drive and says all they want is the music on the drive, it most likely will not sell unless they are a DJ.

Data recovery is a salvage operation and rarely a 100% recovery.

Don't give your customer's false expectations that they will always get 100% of their data back.

You need to carefully question your customer and find out exactly what they lost and what would it take for them to recreate it. We also need to know when they need it back.

Many times a hard drive has limited life. That means that it runs for a fixed period of time and it dies. Sometimes we can never get it going again. We need to know exactly which files your customer needs first. We always try for 100% but it is always best to go after the most important files first because you never know when a drive will stop reading.

Don't simply say "get their pictures and videos" or "get their e-mail". Find out exactly where the files are and list them in order of importance. A file search on a slowly reading drive could take 20 minutes or more. If you drive has only a 20 minute life we will spend the whole time searching and recover nothing.

Find out if there are any "make or break" files. Example: If we do not get their QuickBooks file the job will not sell.

Also find out when they need it. If they need their Power Point Presentation by Monday the job will not sell on Tuesday.

Find out if your customer wants their original drive back or not. If they want their original drive back there may be an extra charge to remove the new heads, bearings or circuit board to put it back in the original as received state. We will give you $5 back for and drive we can keep. If you have any old drives around your shop we may even be interested in buying them from you since we are always looking to increase our collection or parts drives.

Please have your customer fill out and sign an agreement form similar to our Agreement form. We can send you the original Word document if you want to add your company name and logo.

About Us

We have been in business since 2005. We have recovered over 10,000 hard drives.

There are no supermen in data recovery. Some places claim they have special tools and special people that are ten time smarter than anybody else. The fact is, all the good data recovery places do it the same way. We all have the same tools and methods. When one person develops a new procedure and method, we all know about it. It is much like finding a heart surgeon. All heart surgeons use the same tools and methods. When one finds a unique procedure that works slightly better, everybody finds out about it. The main thing to look for is do they have engineering degrees, the right equipment and have they been doing it for many years.

We have excellent Google reviews going back 5 years or more.
Bad places have no reviews because every time they get too many bad reviews they delete their Google Local listing and create a new one. Do you really think they have been around 5 years or more without a single person reviewing them?

We have recovered data from hard drives that the biggest data recovery companies have said were "Unrecoverable". How is that possible? We tend to spend more time on a job before we give up. If you were a big company and had a drive that was reading extremely slow and it would take a month or more to recover the data, what would you do? Especially if you had a $2,000 job from Johnson and Johnson waiting for that machine? They are simply going to pull the plug and tell you the job is not recoverable.

Does the company have a large supply OF spare parts?

No hard drive manufacturer sell any parts for their hard drives. If a part is required to fix your hard drive the only place to get it from is a exact matching hard drive to yours. Sometimes the hardest part of a data recovery job is finding matching parts. It is very important that the hard drive company you select have a huge inventory of parts drive.
Hard Drive Parts Hard Drive Parts Hard Drive Parts Hard Drive Parts

We have thousands of parts drives.
Most of these drives are from previous jobs that we recovered
(If you do not want your old drive back we will give you $5 for it)
There have been may jobs that our competitors have not been able to recover and we recovered only because we had matching parts and they did not.
This is a very important item that sets us apart from the other companies.
Your drive may be from a limited lot made many years ago.
If the hard drive company can't find parts for your drive, they can't recover it.

You can bring your hard drive to us and we will debug it while you wait and give you a price on the spot.

You will talk directly with an engineer and we will show you our equipment and proof that we have successfully recovered thousands of hard drives over the last seven years.

We have the experience, equipment and knowledge to work on all hard drive failures.
If we can't recover your data, no other company can.

Data recovery can be broken into three separate levels.

Level 1
This is where there is nothing mechanically wrong with the hard drive. The customer's data was lost due to deletion, virus or mistaken reinstall of their operating system. This is something that can be recovered by Data Recovery software and is probably something that you are doing today.
We don't want these jobs.

Level 2
This is the point where data recovery software does not work or you get few to no files with the recovery software. This typically happens with hard drives that are old or have been dropped and had a minor head crash.

What you should do is go to our debug page and look under "Hard drive mechanical failure:"
Load the HDD scan program on your good computer and hook your customer's drive as a secondary drive and scan it for bad sectors.

If you have many green, orange, red or blue sectors you should send it to us.

You can try scanning it with your data recovery software but if it gives you many errors during the scan or if the scan is running very slow it is best to stop. If you scan a drive in this state for too long the drive will crash. When it crashes it could start scratching making your customer's hard drive unrecoverable.

Level 3
This is where your computer does not detect the hard drive and/or the drive is making clicking, buzzing or beeping noises or just plain dead.

It is best that you don't try to fix it yourself. Some of the worst damage that we have ever seen is when a computer repair shop tries to fix it themselves. If you don't know what you are doing, please don't touch it. If you really think you can swap heads or circuit boards so good, try it on two identical drive that you don't care about first.

If you do swap the circuit board please make sure you give us the correct circuit board when you send us your drive. The original circuit board contains tuning parameters that are unique to your drive. Without the correct circuit board your drive is not recoverable.


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