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what is the difference between PC repair and data recovery?

PC Repair is a module replacement repair.

Examples of what a module is:
Power supply
Cooling fans
CD ROM Drive
Hard Drive

If your power supply fails, nobody fixes the power supply.
They just install a new one and throw the old one in the garbage.
If your motherboard fails, throw it in the garbage and install a new one.

Why do they do this?
Take a look at the motherboard below.

If the motherboard fails, how do you fix it?
You need special equipment, an engineering degree and a bunch of replacement parts.
It could take an hour or more of a highly skilled engineer to find the bad part and replace it.
The motherboard in the picture above sells for $43.95 new.
Do you think you can find an engineer that can fix it for $43.95?
Most likely not.

A hard drive like your motherboard is also module.
The standard procedure of a PC shop is to throw it in the garbage and install a new one.
But if the hard drive contains important data, you do not want to do that.
If your hard drive stopped working you need to repair it to get your data off.
You need a highly skilled engineer with special equipment to get your data off.
Some people think that a hard drive is like a CD player and you can just pop the disk out and put it in another CD player. That is not the case with hard drives. CDs are recorded in a standardized format. The standard tells each CD drive manufacturer how many tracks per inch, how many sectors per track and how the data must be saved in exact detail. That way any CD can be read or written by any CD drive.

A hard drive is different. There is no standard on how the data should be saved on the disk. This allows manufactures to save the data on the disk in a million different ways. Each drive is unique and the only thing that can read the disk is the original drive that wrote it. That means that the original drive needs to be repaired.

People that repair PCs do not need engineering degrees. They just need to be able to follow a step by step procedure. If symptom A occurs, replace component B. If they follow the step by step procedure the PC will be repaired every time.

Hard drive repair requires special tools, a deep understanding of electrical circuits, computer components, machine code and debug. A bachelor of science in Engineering and lots of hands on debug of electromechanical components and firmware code is a must to become a good data recovery engineer. There are no debug or service manuals for hard drives.

Data Recovery people rarely do PC repair.


Because PC Repair can be done by lower skilled workers for a much lower price.
Can your Doctor clean your house? Yes.
Will your your Doctor clean your house? Yes, If you are willing to pay his prices.

Would you you have the person who cleans your house do bypass surgery on you?



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