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Apple Mac Hard Drive Data recovery

Do you have a iMac computer or MacBook Air or MacBook Pro that is no longer working?
Is the drive clicking or just simply will not boot? We have the capability to recover data from all types of Apple computers. MacBook Pro, MacBool Air, iMac G3 G4 or G5. We offer Mac data recovery at very affordable prices. Our data recovery process can recover files which are inaccessible, lost, or deleted from any Mac HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT file system.

Mac Data Recovery

The Mac is a line of personal computers designed and developed by Apple computers. It was mainly designed for the home, educational, and creative market places. Since the introduction of the Macintosh, they have significantly evolved and improved, now making Apple the most powerful general purpose machines on the market today. Currently, about half the jobs we receive are in Apple format (HFS+). We have successfully repaired Mac hard drives and recovered iPhoto library, iMusic, iMideos, Time Machine Backups and many other file types from a Mac hard drive failure. We are able to retrieve files from any Mac OS version, we need to repair Mac disk to get the hard drive in a ready state. Once we bypass the Apple hard drive failure, we can then begin the data extraction. So if your Mac hard drive is not working, please call Data Recovery NJ immediately because we are your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac data recovery solution. Physical Mac hard drive failure can be caused by many issues ranging from hard drive mechanical failure, hard drive damage from electric power surges, to your MacBook Pro being mishandled or dropped. We will accurately and honestly diagnosis your hard drive failure and present a Mac data recovery solution without causing any further damage to your hard drive and minimize the danger of Mac data loss.

Apple Does not do Data Recovery!

They will replace the failed hard drive on your MacBook Air MacBook Pro or iMac and throw your old drive out.
If you have data of any value on your old hard drive you need to see us first!

Many customers think that apple hard drives can only be recovered by apple

What most people don't realize is that most of the components inside an Apple computer are the exact same components used in Windows Computers, Linux computers, X-Box, TiVo, security camera systems, servers etc.

The only thing Apple really makes is the box that holds the components and the operating system.

Mac Hard Drive Data RecoveryPC Hard Drive Data Recovery

What is the biggest difference between the Apple iMac Hard Drive on the left vs. the Windows PC Hard Drive in the right?
They are the exact same part number.
The biggest difference is the picture of the Apple picture on the left drive (The right drive has no Apple picture).
This little Apple Logo adds about $50 to the part cost.

When we recover a hard drive most of the time we have to fix the drive to get any data out of it.
It is the exact same procedure to fix the drive on the left vs. the drive on the right.

The only difference is the drive on the left is Apple Mac HFS format and we need to extract the data on a Apple Mac HFS format machine.
The drive on the right needs to be extracted on a Windows PC machine in NTFS or FAT32 format.



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