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Unfortunately Utah does not have any professional data recovery companies.

Your local PC repair shop may be able to help you with simple hard drive failures or data loss
For serious problems you need a professional data recovery company

How do I know if I have a serious problem?

Level I Data Recovery

Computer will not boot
You deleted files by mistake
You reloaded your operating system
A virus deleted files
Power or signal cable bad
Your local PC repair shop can fix all of these problems.
We would recommend going to them first before contacting a data recovery service.

Level II Hard drive recovery

When your local PC repair guy says that they cant recover your data.
Now you need a professional data recovery company.
Level II is the simplest hard drive recovery.
This is when your hard drive is still reading but not very good.
There are about 1,000 companies that can recover these drive.
All you need is a $12,000 recovery machine and a few days of time.
Most of them charge prices under $399

Level III Hard Drive repair

This is the most serious failure
This is when your hard drive is not being detected by your computer
If your hard drive is dead, no data recovery software or machine will bring it back to life
There are very few companies in the USA that can recover data from a dead drive
Your drive has to be repaired to get any data off of it
It takes highly skilled engineers and special equipment to do this

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All recovery work is done at our location and never outsourced
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There are many scam places out there that make you think that they are a professional data recovery company in Utah
If you check them out carefully you will realize they are all fake

How spot a scam data recovery company (Click Here)

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